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Message from Akiko Kiyota

Hi ^^ Welcome to Gifnest world!

Gifnest - ギフトの家 Japan is an online store of original gifts from Japan for fans around the world, which first was my flash idea while studying in the US. 

I was very proud and surprised that many of my US friends are fans of Japanese anime series like One Piece, Naruto, Fairy Tail, Haikyuu, Attack on Titan, Yuri!!! On Ice, etc...

It was also so WOW to me when I saw their reactions at some anime items I brought from Japan for them. That's the beginning of my plan for helping friends from other countries to enjoy the same merchandise that I've enjoyed in Japan. 

It was extremely rewarding to see people in love and happy with the goods from my home. Soon after, more and more Anime fans started to contact and ask me to order their favorite Japanese anime goods.

After that, our categories were also opened to KPOP, American series, and original gifts in general. As the number of orders kept increasing, in order to satisfy all people, I decided to open an online store, thus Gifnest - ギフトの家 Japan was born.

By providing a convenient and safe experience of online shopping limited and hard-to-find gifts from Japan, I hope that more and more fans are able to enjoy the fandom they're in, more and more people are happy with the original gifts they find out for themselves and others.

We've been trying day by day to provide the best service possible for every fan around the world! 

—Akiko, Founder of Gifnest - ギフトの家 Japan—

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